Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Week So Far In Review

It's already Wednesday! Feels like it should be Monday for some wild reason. Last weekend I spent it alone as The Lover had traveled back home. I'm kind of used to it now though it doesn't suck any less because of it. I just have a super hard time falling asleep without him. I can try to convince myself of all the positives, like taking the whole bed, using lots more pillows to make my fort, no noise, but instead I toss and turn and wish he was home. I am so lame.

Saturday was uneventful, I slept in pretty late and then tried to convince myself to clean the place up. It was hard because I wanted no part of it! So I would clean something for 30 to 45 minutes then sit down for 20 minutes. Ha, lazy cleaning at it's finest!

Sunday I felt like poo because I didn't get much sleep. I tried cleaning the rest of the place before a few photo shoots happened. The last photo shoot I did was a lot of fun. I stuck this awesome lady in a thick hill of wildflowers and it actually came up with some awesome results! Then later on The Lover came home and life was merry.

Monday was a drag. I don't even remember much of it except for a crazy photoshoot at 5. I didn't know if I could stay awake until then but somehow managed. I had 4 people come in at once for a shoot. It was fun because they were from the theater so we had a good time.

Tuesday, yesterday? The Lover and I went to a business class that was pretty good for networking and learning about some resources available to us. How boring did that just sound? haha Oh well.

Today Obama is coming to town. It's funny because we are a small town so I'd never expect to see a president hit this area but he is. It's the talk of the town from hatred, to confusion, to curiosity, to excitement. Crowds are gathering already and he isn't due until later. Too bad I'm stuck here, not like I'd get to see him. HA!

So that's the week in review. Boring? Yes, maybe but sometimes my life is boring.

My favorite photo from the shoot on Saturday;


Kim said...

at least you cleaned for 30/45 minutes and rested for 20 and not the other way around! that's more like me. though i never get back up once i'm resting.

Kern said...

haha yes, it was difficult though!! (I didn't count the hour for lunch haa)