Thursday, July 2, 2009


Oh Charleston let me fill you in on The Lover's story. When he was young he lived in your great city (we think it was around the time I was waddling on your beach). It was a good time for him and one he still remembers dearly though eventually his family moved on and away you remained engraved in his head.

Once at adulthood The Lover would take yearly trips to Fripp Island often passing through Charleston. One day he wanted to live in your city and decided to make it a goal before he even met me.

Well, as life would have it The Lover became ensnared in the daily repetition of being stuck in one place and on one path. His strong desire becoming a distant fuzzy memory as it looked like life had tied his journey down to a one way road. That is, until he met me and his life burst at the seams and became an unwritten book once again.

We visited you last year during a difficult time when our hearts were cold and barely beating and our shoulders were heavy with the weight of our problems. We ran to you, dear Charleston, for some relief and you amazed us. You pumped life right through our veins with your scenery brighter than anything I can remember. You helped us skip through the sand and remember what the warmth of the world felt like. You captivated us once again.

I took so many pictures during that short stay that I still glance at to remind myself of the oasis you provided during a cloudy moment in our lives. We can't wait to go back.

See you soon,

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