Friday, January 30, 2009

Am I Crazy?

I love photography, a lot. In my ideal world I'd be doing it full time, making it a living. My sole source of income which can be incredibly hard. I don't know many photographers who do it as their main job, sounds sort of impossible. Am I crazy?

I'm moving to Bristol. Originally I was in the process of attending a community college in Knoxville for Photography but that was before we lost our jobs. Now I am looking again. There is a large part of me that wants to go back to school, to learn everything about photography that I can. The other part says I don't need that degree to make it, half of that voice is also the boyfriend (God bless him). Am I crazy?

Anyway, I found a school very close to where we will be living. It is a 4 yr private university which ultimately means expensive. I could get a B.A. in photography. Right at the start I need to purchase a film SLR, a lifetime tripod, and a computer that matches their requirements. On top of tuition! Ohmigod! However, it could possibly be incredible! Is it worth it? Am I crazy?

I feel crazy. :/ What do you think?


Erin said...

Sounds amazing! I say do it, you'll regret not doing it.

The Panic Room said...

if I could go back and go to school for Photography I would do it in a second. IN A SECOND.

Miss Marie said...

Wow, sounds exciting!

I am a full time photographer (Hi! Now you know one!) :) I shoot weddings and portraits full time and I love it more than anything else. I feel extremely lucky.

All that to say, my degree is in Psychology and I never took any formal photography classes. ;)

I was a hobbyist for a long time and then worked for a photographer as an assistant and she pretty much taught me everything I needed to know. :) is fabulous and if you can go, you should, but you don't have to have it to be a successful photographer.


Maggie May said...

you have one of the best headers i've seen- so beautiful!!! i love your name too.

Vern said...

Yes, you are..hahaha! But, do what you love. It makes life so much more worth it!

Kern said...

@Erin Would I regret $160k debt? ha

@Panic Room Would you go back to a 4 yr university? Creating a walloping debt???

@Miss Marie, I would love to find someone who would take me under their wing but I've not had any luck. How did you find yours?

@Maggie May Thanks! I took it myself, ignore the crooked horizon hehe

@Vern :P I know!

Miss Marie said...

She was a friend who asked me to model for a photography project she was doing. From there we got to know each other. She learned that I had a background in digital media and asked me to help her out by editing pictures for her. From there she learned that I had a hobby of photography and asked me to join her on a few events. The rest is history. ;)

Kern said...

That's awesome. I hope I can run into someone like that in the future. I love your photos by the way. :)