Monday, January 26, 2009


Definition; "

Anxiety is a physiological and psychological state characterized by cognitive, somatic, emotional, and behavioral components.[1] These components combine to create an unpleasant feeling that is typically associated with uneasiness, fear, or worry.

Anxiety is a generalized mood state that occurs without an identifiable triggering stimulus. As such, it is distinguished from fear, which occurs in the presence of an external threat. Additionally, fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the result of threats that are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.[2]

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It may help a person to deal with a difficult situation, for example at work or at school, by prompting one to cope with it. When anxiety becomes excessive, it may fall under the classification of an anxiety disorder.[3]"

Seems like me and anxiety are best pals as of late. Every time I hear a bit of bad news my worries go through the roof and I feel like I have no control, over anything. I'm a little tired of it. Anxiety has not been nice to me and that is enough cause to end said relationship. Anxiety can pay me back by letting me get out of this rut, yes that would be nice indeed but I don't think anxiety is quite that generous.

Sounds like we get to do some more waiting, oh the patience I have gained from this experience. All I'm saying is Wednesday better be good or I'm giving anxiety a deep talking to and possibly a swift kick in the gonads.



I have read some of your posts. I would like to revisit your website to see more from you.

I have added one article on the art of pencil drawing, narrating one of our fellow bogger-friend's art-work. As you are an artist, you would like to see the same. I would be glad if you can tell me more to add in the article.

The link for the article is given below:

Another blog on Paintings

Kern said...

Is this real??