Sunday, January 18, 2009

My First Kiss

I guess I'll let the world know what an utter silly face I am as it seems that's what a lot of bloggers are doing recently.

I was 16 and had my first real boyfriend. He wore pants the size of tree trunks and spent his free time playing EverQuest. He kept his hair short with tons of gel to keep it spikey and he was so dreamy to me. I can even remember how he asked me out. It was in English class and my three good friends (including him) all sat together. The other guy friend and girl were dating already so it seemed like a natural fit that we should too. He passed a folded note asking me to be his girlfriend, and at the time I thought it was the most romantic thing ever.

One day we were walking home together after class holding hands and making love eyes at eachother while our other friend trailed behind. It was such a small community that we all lived within streets of eachother and got the pleasure of walking to school and back everyday. Yeah, I was conserving gas early on. Go me.

Anyway we got to the area where we had to split and go our own ways home. We stood in the middle of the street while our friend wandered aimlessly trying not to bother us. I knew it was coming and my heart was beating so hard, I hadn't practiced as I was too busy chasing after toads, rollerblading down the street, or trying to jump ramps with my bike to know how to kiss a boy!

It happened so quickly and it was awful, terrible. He went in first and I followed ultimately leading to our noses bumping really hard. The kiss was more like a peck and I immediately grabbed my nose as we pulled away. I quickly put my hand down to not seem like a goob and acted like it never happened. We said goodbye and I quickly caught up with my friend. I think he saw cause we didn't mention it the whole way home.

Some first kiss, one for the record books I tell ya. Luckily I quickly learned the "tilt" and have saved many a nose from my knocking schlonker.

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