Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

You are here. Well not you, but me. I am here, we are here. In gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina. We started in Hilton Head then moved to Beaufort an up to this place. I think it's my favorite.

Why are we here in our current state? Scoping the area for jobs. For peace of mind. To get away from the stress.

The other morning I woke up same as always, going through my ritual of checking my email, craigslist, careerbuilder....for something, anything. There's nothing. Not in Knoxville. Just lay off after lay off after lay off. We were getting depressed.

Anyway, Justin comes into the room as I let the bad news settle in and says "Be ready by 2pm, I'm getting out of here."

So there we were, the gruesome threesome. (Yes the little pooch came too.) We packed up some clothes and headed East.

We got to Hilton Head Island after dark, scrambled for a pet friendly place. (btw I recommend knowing this before leaving in haste instead of trying to steal wifi on your iPod touch in a dark parking lot.) We found this awesome resort but the non-refundable pet fee cost more than the room! So we made it to some hole in the wall, watched Saw V (it sucked, don't bother) and slept like two lumps on a log.

The next day (today) we woke up cranky (okay only I did) and made our way to the southern most part to see the lighthouse and boats. (Yes, I took a buttload of pictures) We ate breakfast at the first restaurant we saw and it sucked. The place was beautiful but not as pretty as Fripp Island. The actual beach was windy, even the birds were ducking! Oh we even grabbed a newspaper and it had three job openings, a hair dresser, a trash person, and something else as lame. Greeeeat. So feeling a bit discouraged we left the island or Beaufort hoping for anything!

I guess I thought Charleston was Beaufort so when we drove through the laughable downtown I was left scratching my head. What? Seriously? I mentioned this to the boyfriend and he plugged Charleston into the GPS (phone).

We finally got in Charleston around 5pm and the heaven's began to sing. This is a city! Gorgeous downtown, artsy people running around, boats everywhere in the water! The beach in a short drive, palm trees! Oh yes, this is the place for me. We found a pet friendly hotel and hit the restaurant nearby for some good food, good wine, and good six layered chocolate cake (OMG). Life is good here, I can feel it. Good things can happen here (I hope!) and though there may not be the best job right here right now we at least know where to look (career fair online yay!) and what to put our sights on.

Tomorrow's adventure should be sweet!


Erin said...

Um I'm a little jealous that you can just take off to South Carolina. I loved it there when I went. And I'm pretty desperate to get out of the cold, grey city I live in. Unfortunately, it's a long snowy drive from Toronto to there, so no beaches and palm trees for me no matter how much I want to see them.

Kern said...

haha, I love it there. So beautiful. I was actually born in SC so I guess I'm going back to my roots. :)