Saturday, January 10, 2009

So Nervous, Scared, Excited

He got a job. Well, almost. He has to go back on Monday to make it official, but it won't be an interview, it will be dinner. On them. With me invited. He gets to call his salary.

Can this be true?

And you know what, we got back in town today and I didn't want to make dinner so I stopped at Wendy's (diet to come later, so hush) and saw a car in front of me with a sticker on it. You want to know what is said? It had the name of the place. This is not a common place (I don't think). I've never seen any stickers before. A sign?

I'll take it.

We are being reasonable, we had a place with the most amazing view offered. We declined. We are being sensible with our money. Making the right choices. We're so nervous, worried. So much to do between now and then.

I want to scream about it from the top of my lungs but I'm afraid to even say a peep. Not until it's etched in stone.

Oh God, this could really be happening.


Erin said...

Eeek! Good luck! It will be an exciting new beginning!

Kern said...

I am very excited, I just hope it all works out!!