Monday, June 15, 2009

Being Lazy

I think it is super important to take at least one day off every once in a while to do absolutely nothing. This means sleeping in late only to move to the recliner when you do wake up, veg in front of the tv, take a nap, and then watch some more tv. Do absolutely nothing!

Of course this type of day should be done in severe moderation. I did this yesterday and felt a nagging in the back of my head to do SOMETHING, anything so as not to waste the day. I managed to squeeze off an hour of house chores but after that it was me, the recliner, and reruns of Bridezilla ALL. DAY.

I don't regret it. I've been working my a-s-s off for the last month or so preparing for this business venture. Working from sun up to sundown, sometimes even on the weekends, then when I didn't have something we were chilling with visitors. So a very busy month indeed, though no complaints, it was nice to just chill.

Today it's back to the grindstone and it has been a very good day indeed. Surprisingly, I actually had a lot of work to do which kept me busy right up until now. Most of it is marketing stuff but I had some photos to edit from the Car Show (which turned out fantastic!), order some prints, and design/print some flyers for a store downtown. In between people coming in and asking questions AND setting up tentative appointments. You heard that right, I'm already getting some bookings! How fantastic! I jumped for joy when she had a date set!

So wish me luck on that front!

Things are looking so far up! It's really making up for the shitty 6 months we spent over winter. As a side note, is it really summer? Holy crap! Usually my summers are full of pools, bbqs, fun with friends, suntans, more pools, the beach, and the sun! Not so much this year, the annual 4th of July trip won't be happening (first time in 5 years!) and I am busy with this business so I'm not really missing it (that's a lie haha). I'm hoping I'll be able to set foot on the beach at least in early fall while it's still a little warm, even if it's just for the weekend. Who knows, maybe I'll be so booked solid I won't even be able to blink! I'll take either!


erinwalker said...

My problem is that most of my days off turn into days of doing nothing like that...

Kim said...

Right now I'm so amped up to make a change in my life it's hard to relax. But when you get the chance to, you should. And you TOTALLY deserve it.

Kern said...

@Erin- I used to be that way too! Then I just got this itch in the back of my head to do something! even if that means going outside in the yard, do it! :)

@Kim- I LOVE that feeling right before a big change, it is so exciting! Good luck with whatever happens next!!