Friday, June 19, 2009

On Life Happenings

1. The President killed a fly with his hand. That's awesome. Screw PETA

2. I love milk so much that I walked 6 blocks one way to buy a gallon since I am running low, in my dress clothes. Talk about desperate!

3. I am split on what I'm supposed to do tonight so I'm just hoping it rains to call it a wash. I feel like a bad person for it. Here I have an obligation I've already committed to and then I was notified of another event that could bring me more business. Blah!

4. I miss my boo. He's stuck in Augusta because the car broke down. I thought it was under warranty because the dealership told me last year that YES THE ALTERNATOR is covered so he took it to Ford to find out it's NOT and now he has to pay $500 to get it fixed. ^&#^%*&($^%*%#*!!!!

5. I miss my boo.

6. I cut up a really potent purple onion the other day and the smell is still on my hand even though I've washed it 4515151 times and have taken showers. What's the deal?

7. We have big cucumbers and tomatoes growing.

More later!

1 comment:

Vern said...

wash your hands with a little salt, then soap and water. Should get rid of the smell ;)