Friday, June 19, 2009


I want to go on vacation pretty badly! I'm sitting here reading about all the people going off to play in the sand and I find myself pouting like a damn three year old. I knew it would be tough to skip out this year on the week long heaven I'm used to but I didn't realize it would be THAT BAD.

I'm trying not to look at images of the beach, to think about the fun I had for the past 24 years on the weekly vacation, or even open my mind to a small possibility of catching some ocean time this year. Somehow it keeps smacking me in the face that I'm here in the mountains for the summer with NO WATER IN SIGHT. Usually, I at least have a pool nearby that can become a quasi-tropical location after you add friends, strawberry daiquiri's, and a grill. Not this year, that's the bad side of living downtown, the only pool I'll find is the local Y, not so much a tropical paradise.

So while all you lucky bastards get to spend time at the fantabulous place called Heaven just have a drink for me here sulking because I suck. (PS Can I close shop for a week and just run off? haha YEAH RIGHT)

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