Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dreams That Stick Like Freaking SuperGlue

Ugh, ugh, ugh! I woke up this morning all content and wishing I could stay in bed even LONGER to enjoy the comfy-ness of my squishy pillows, and wrapped in my oh-so lovely comforter. I couldn't, I HAD to wake up and open shop but I really didn't want to. Something was just downright attractive about staying put right in dreamland. That is, until I remembered what I dreamt! (Firefox says dreamt is spelled wrong, THEY are wrong, HA! Firefox is STUPID)

It all came back vividly like a stack of bricks running to knock you to the ground. I dreamt that I was oh-so happily PREGNANT!! Ack! See, for a long time I used to NEVER think about babies and all the cute crap they do. Since I was old enough to understand that childbirth HURTS and SUCKS I have vowed to own more animals than children. In fact, that's what I told my own mother who is patiently waiting for the day she can be called GRANDMA! Ack! Children was never in the gamebook, I thought I was just too selfish, too immature, too NEVER READY to take on that role. Until a year ago.

Now I keep having baby dreams! Last night I went through the entire NINE months of Hell and even after birth. My mind sickenly played the labor scene. Shoot, I even remember lovingly feeling my stomach for the babies head, arms, butt, etc. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Then the child came out and suddenly it was a year old with the CUTEST blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes. It was a GIRL. And I loved her, I actually named her Melissa, after my sister. WHAT?? Now my dreams are sentimental too???

I've been awake since nine am and this dream is still haunting me. Luckily, I know for a gauranteed fact that I am not expecting, THANK GOD. Because honestly, right now is just not the right time for us, there is still a lot we want to do before we even VENTURE down that road. But now, you know, it might not be so bad if we mix our genepool and unleash a little demon into the world. I think it would ADORABLE. But don't tell anyone as I'm still a little freaked out by this sudden 180 my body has taken.


Erin said...

Last night I dreamed that I got into a bad car accident and broke my left leg really badly.

It's weird dream season, it appears.

Kern said...

Yikes! Weird dreams indeed!!

Vern said...

I like your dream better than mine the other night. I dreamt! that my cat was tore to pieces by dogs, and all I saw was her little tuxedo chest fur in a dogs mouth. I woke up CRYING! OMG, for a cat, that isn't even let outside! for pete's sake.
I like the idea of a little granddaughter better ;)