Monday, June 22, 2009

Smile-Worthy Events

It's back to Monday and you know what that means, too many days until the weekend again! To curb the inevitability of getting back into the weekly schedule I've decided to post some upbeat personal items in my life that are making me smile from ear to ear!

-The Lover has returned from his trip!!! I finally feel full! I believe the statement "Better when we're together" is all too true with us.

-I broke down yesterday, it all happened when I read Ryan's post about getting a beloved lens for Father's Day. The coveted 50mm lens! He just had to post pictures he took with it and I was done before I even knew what happened. Mine should be here on Wednesday, OH HAPPY DAY.

-The record studio a few stores down plays music on a loudspeaker for those walking down the street to enjoy. I am always happy with their selection but today they have classical music playing and it's really quite something!

-My dog has been such a good boy, I hope it lasts!

-I am really pleased with the pictures I took on Friday. I didn't think they would turn out as good as they did since it was a low light scenario, which this new lens will help with! Yay!

What things in your life make Monday worth it??


Vern said...

knowing that friday is only four days away?

Vern said...

Got an even better one! Getting my little girl from my big girls house end of July!! that makes THIS Monday worth a smile :)

Kim said...

knowing that the place I interviewed with twice is calling my references...:)