Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She's Got Daddy Issues

You know those ladies who are a little bit crazy, a lotta bit neurotic, with a dash of clingy? Most men in relationships with those type of ladies tend to label them with "Daddy Issues" and sometimes I wonder how far off the mark they are, if at all.

I had a rough childhood growing up and sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'm one of those girls. I'll admit to being crazy and maybe a little clingy but I can't really pinpoint any specific reason and it just so happens that I had what they call "Daddy Issues".

I don't think it really affects me today, I'd like to think not anyways. I've certainly moved forward from that ugly past and barely think of it anymore, unless when brought up. I always had the mindset that it could be far worse and people actually did have it far worse than me. No complaining just forward motion.

Back in 2002 my relationship with my father came to a head and we stopped speaking to each other. It wasn't until two years ago that we started mending the past, working on our relationship, and as I said, moving forward. We have a better relationship than I've ever had before and I am so thankful that he is in my life again. It taught me a lot of things about how people change, the natural good will of individuals, and the duty to make things right.

Yesterday, he shocked me. Out of the blue we started addressing things from the past, things we've oh so conveniently ignored. Yesterday I got an apology. A sincere, from the heart, apology for our past and a promise to make the future better. It was appreciated.

So I'm not really sure if I can be labeled as a girl with "Daddy Issues" but I know I can be considered as one who forgives, who can move on and mend the past. One who doesn't give up on family no matter how large the gap. Family is all you've got and if you have a tough relationship with one of your family members consider it deeply and think about how hard it would be to just let go of the past and give them a second chance. I bet it will be easier than you think.


Erin said...

Three cheers for letting go and forgiving. I'm glad you can have this understanding of yourself, this quality that you can always feel good about. Awesome.

Vern said...

Forgiving can be SO very difficult, especially when you've been wronged so badly, but I can tell you this. Once you forgive, you're life is SO much better for it.
I'm so glad you and your father have worked out your indifferences, and that you can now build the relationship you're supposed to have.