Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have a lot on my mind today! Firstly, life is good! I just ordered a new lens and it finally arrived today. I want to close the doors and go play with this bugger NOW! After just taking a few test shots I can't believe I've gone as long as I have without one. Jeez! Next on the list is a decent wide angle, I better start saving pennies now!

Next, I was all stressed out yesterday fearing I was going to lose a lot of money but my fears were put to rest with a simple phone call this morning. Thank goodness!

Also, I just finished the last book in the Twilight saga. STOP READING NOW IF YOU CARE ABOUT SPOILERS. I will say I was very pleased with the ending actually. So many people said the last book was absolutely horrible and that it practically ruined the whole saga but I was left satisfied. My fear was that they would just suddenly end the book with no closure at all or something more dramatic than that. Maybe my expectations were just so low that it was hard not to be satisfied. Anyway, I'm glad they showed Bella as a vampire and that she wasn't as stupidly retarded anymore. I'm glad SHE saved the group instead of being a worthless woman fleeing from danger all the time instead of standing up to it, she owed them big time in my mind. I'm glad she had a beautiful baby because it satisfied my dreams, it made me realize perfect babies like that don't exist and so my messed up desire to sprout one has ceased. I'm glad Edward finally got to read her mind, maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic but it's cute that he got to see the way she viewed the world with him in it. Personally, I think the author did a good job tying up all the strings as that's not an easy thing to do. I've tried dabbling in writing and I always get stuck tying things together so it all makes sense. Overall, I feel full now having read the book and do not have a deep seeded need for another new one to continue the story, though it would be cool.


All in all a good day! The Lover is back in town and back to work. We checked out the new restaurant that opened yesterday and were pleased. We thought it was rather empty so decided to brave it though we were second guessing ourselves. We knew the crew was all brand new and that there would be some hiccups as well as lots of waiting so we made sure to keep an open mind. There were no issues with our order, or the food, or anything else, we just had to wait for our waitress to make her way back to us. It was pretty busy in there for sure.

Now I'm just fidgeting until it's time to close up and head to the park for some camera playtime! Woohoo!!

Hope you all are having a fantastic day!


The Panic Room said...

umm-- what did you get?

Erin said...

But how did you feel about the name "Renesmee"?

erinwalker said...

My biggest beef with the 4th book was that everything worked out so perfectly.

Vern said...

I've been so scatterbrained lately, I've forgotten my cell phone at home three times this month. ugh

Kern said...

Ryan-the 50mm, yeah, thanks! :P

Erin-the name is stupid! Even Vanessa will work better :P

Erinwalker- It was all so perfect but I was afraid they would leave us with him changing her. It would have made me mad! hah

Vern- Maybe you have a c[old]. ;) hah!

Erin said...

I totally agree. I would have been happier if her nickname had been Ren (like Wren) if her name had to be Renesmee.

Kern said...

haha Yes exactly, my brain still has a hard time pronouncing that stupid name. How unoriginal! haha If I was the grandmother I would not want a split name like that, just pick something different!

Oh well.