Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Like Freaking Out, Man

My dog has been acting weird all day. Down at the studio he would suddenly jump up from his bed and run to a corner by my desk and the wall, whine and shake. I couldn't figure out what was wrong! Then we come home and he does the same thing! He hides under the bar counter between the wall and a slot machine, whining and shaking!

I take him to the park to see if maybe he needs to go potty or whatever, no, he sits in my lap the entire time, so unusual for the dog that likes to explore and remark "his" park.

I don't get it so I check the weather and a big scary line of storms is coming our way complete with tornado WARNINGS. So I freak out and tell my parents. My dad CALLS me and tells me where to go in case of a tornado (haha) and then suggests it might just be ghosts. THANKS A LOT.

Now I get to be alone in this loft for the rest of the week wondering where the ghosts are until The Lover returns from his business trip. That is, if I survive this freaktastic storm.

Oh yeah, and how cute is this?

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Rachel said...

Oh man my doggy does that and I always say that it's ghosts!! Meanwhile they probably just want to play or something silly like that!

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