Monday, June 8, 2009

You Know How Moms Are

Always swelling with pride at your tiniest achievements. Making big mountains out of mole hills while you go "Mooooom it's no biggie, I'm just me!" My mom does that and though it's just her personality (a sweet one at that) sometimes it leaves me shuffling my feet while I duck my head to hide the blush. Here she is describing her own thoughts but I love how she describes me and the creativity I've been lucky to have, though I may think it's nothing special considering all the billion of other people who can see things differently. Less rambling, more delivering;

My oldest daughter finally bit the bullet and opened her own business this past week. How does one describe the pride one feels when the children you've born reach for their dreams? She's always been a dreamer, a creator, an artist. How I wish I could see in my mind's eye what she sees, but I do have the privilege of viewing them to my heart's content, and I'm still amazed at the beauty in it all. Breathtaking beauty. It amazes me that one can see an object that we've all driven by day after day, and just ignore it. She'll look at it, look at how the light hits it, see the angles of it, watch the backdrops of it, and then frame it in her head for the perfect shot. Then with pride, she'll send it to me, and I'll just sit there, mouth agape, in pure awe at the creativity of it all. Something that would take an amateur like me hours to frame, seems to come to her instantaneously, and then it's another capture, for us lucky enough to know her, to admire.
That's the rush of photography, the great instant gratification a click can give me. Even when I don't have my camera on hand I'm still setting up shots in my head and have been since I was a little girl. My internal memory is full of the beauty this world has to offer.

/End cheesy.

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Kim said...

Awww! Your mom is adorable. Such high praise from a mom isn't too uncommon, but such amazing pride and amazement is.