Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello World

What a weekend it's been. We went to explore the "Grand Canyon of the South" and ended up with queasy stomachs and altitude headaches. It was not the greatest feeling in the world nor the greatest view.

We were up 1,900 feet on some rocks hoping not to fall off. We looked down to the river and wondered what it would be like to fall aaaaaaaaaalllllllll the way down. Then we left and walked up some stairs a little too quickly causing sharp pains to our temples. It sucked.

So we drove around hoping to find something interesting to do and the main attraction was their swimming pool that played old Britney Spears songs. Hey, at least it had a slide, am I right?

The Lover got to break in his new car (oh yeah, he bought a car) and I got queasy as the passenger as he wove through the curvy roads in the mountain. I was over it.

We spent the better part of Sunday cleaning the loft. Down to the baseboards even! The place looks fantastic again and after all that hard work we ordered a pizza. They came in record time but we think it was because a storm was coming though we figured they would arrive AFTER the storm had passed. We ate it's deliciousness only to be sick afterwards. My stomach is still upset. Ugh.

I went to bed last night hoping the start of the week would be better than last week. Instead I'm just reminded of how much I hate the Virginia DMV and when I come to blog about it I realize I LOST a follower. What?? Nice. Not really though.

My confidence is already shaken because last week was just a waste. NO ONE came into the studio except for the girl who put a deposit down. Now my negative nelly is telling me I'm a huge failure and can't do anything right. GAH! I'm trying really hard to be positive because in the first month of business I actually have a booking, managed to get an advertisement in a local magazine, have a regular Friday gig that sometimes pays, and am getting my name out slowly. But last week my website views flatlined and any effort to promote online (like facebook and craigslist) is proving to be a dud. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???

So I just feel like shit today and want to whine. Someone please send some positive vibes my way! Sigh.


Vern said...

You're doing great, for your first month! It takes a lot of time and effort, when you own a business. You need to remember why you opened this studio in the first place!!! Don't lose sight of your GOAL!!!
Oh yea, hope your belly's better!

erinwalker said...

Sounds like you spent your entire weekend feeling sick!
Don't get too down about it... people will come!