Thursday, June 25, 2009

Decipher My Dreams

Usually my dreams are pretty random and nice making me want to stay in dreamland forever. Lately they have been weird. Rarely do my dreams follow a theme but when they do I tend to pay attention. What do these new ones mean?

For the past two nights I've had a dream about forgetting something important. The night before last I dreamt about being a second photographer for a professional photog I know. The problem was that I forgot my freaking camera! I was so upset with myself that we drove back to get it hoping to make it back 5 minutes before the ceremony began. It was hectic!

Then last night I had a dream about another freaking baby. This time I had a boy and he was cute but I kept forgetting him. We were on vacation at the beach and I would accidentally leave him in the condo. Then we would drive somewhere and I'd leave him in the car. When I realized what I had done I'd run to go get him all upset and apologetic. One time an old lady walked up to the car and said "Oh, don't worry about it, I used to forget my kid all the time! It's a lifestyle change really! You have to get used to such a sudden change!" Still I was wracked with guilt over forgetting my own child several times!

So, what the heck do these dreams mean? What am I forgetting? Something important obviously. Something I will remember and feel guilty about but what is it?? I am afraid to find out!!

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Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

WOW!! those are intense dreams!! I wish I was good at interpreting...

I sometimes get wierd dreams too but I never ever know wat they mean..
Its even more worse, when the dreams are bout something horrid...

When you know meaning...please tell me ok?