Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Rainy Day

So my body is once again back in hibernation mode as day THREE of cold, yucky rain continues. This means I haven't gone for a bike ride, I whine when it comes time to take the dog out, and we haven't done our daily walk/sit/play time at the park. This completely bums me out!

Today we both slept in pretty late because really what is there to do in wet sloppy days such as these? We had an appointment with a realtor for a store front downtown. The Lover wants to get his business ideas rolling and while the store was pretty much PERFECT and the landlord was very flexible on EVERYTHING I am still hesitant.

I feel like we may be stretching ourselves thin too soon. He just landed a job and for the first few months he's going to be in training mode, learning the ropes of the company. It's a little unfair to stretch his commitments in two directions at first. Also, opening a store takes money though he has a business plan that could make it start ever so slowly. My number one concern is gathering a nest egg to protect ourselves from another downpour of bad luck (I know, me being the fiscally responsible one? GET OUT). This business he is hoping to start will require money out of pocket unless we snag an investor which then means we owe someone else.

The place truly is splendid for all we want to do, I could already picture paint schemes and set ups. I could even have a little knook for a studio doing pet photography in store to get my name out there. Really, it is EXACTLY what we are looking for but I'm too afraid to jump the gun.

I guess we will see what the next few months bring us...

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Vern said...

I know exactly what you mean about the rain raining on your parade. I'm SO tired of walking in the mud around my house!! Gimme the days of working in my garden, without sinking in the soil!