Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Lover and his toys. I knew when I first met him he was a big kid at heart and honestly that's one of the major points I fell in love with. It's a point we both mesh on. It's great to still get excited about playgrounds, to venture the toy store every now and then (let me tell you Toys R Us is not how I remember it to be, a major disappointment), to love the lego car racer we got in our Trix cereal. I love that about us a lot but The Lover, I'm noticing, has quite expensive tastes in "toys".

He has train collections, arcade games, hard to get movie posters, comic book collectibles including toys of the animated crew, and now a pool table. A big ass pool table sitting right in the middle of the supposed dining area. Granted it was a deal almost too good to pass up but it meant my own ass lugging heavy freaking pool crap up our stairs.

So while I think toys are fun and great there seems to be a thin line between having a dining room and acquiring a new game room. For all this he promised me a new spot for the dining table we've been oggling for a little while.

He says this is his "Retirement Plan".

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