Monday, March 23, 2009

Guilty of Setting A Man Free

I had a rough childhood. Things were constantly constricting like I was spending my days in the same pair of too tight underwear too afraid to get it off because it also happens to bite. I was held back from experiencing a lot of things I wish I had. It was a growing pain I gained a lot from.

For instance, I learned to cherish the good things and the simple things. To count my blessings even though that tight underwear was cutting off my circulation I still HAD underwear. It feels almost natural to be in constant reminder of what I have now no matter how small and just for THAT I am grateful. Grateful for being grateful.

Another important lesson I took away from that underwear was to be happy NO MATTER WHAT. I had a long time to realize what unhappiness felt like. Sometimes it was too hard to keep afloat, sometimes the sadness just seeped into my mouth drizzling down my throat with the force of the ocean. It didn't mean I gave up it just meant I had to work hard to get over the wave. However, each new near drowning experience brought me one step closer to the ideal growing in my head. It's a very sincere idea that sticks with you as a sort of running motto for the life you lead. To put it simply, the heaven I ran to when the rain poured down was simply "Be happy".

That meant taking the time each day to be cheerful, light, without worry. To physically send myself to a place of positivity. It wasn't easy at first to shift through the clouds, it took practice like any other habit but eventually it became easier. So easy. I am going to be happy which has the hard price tag of never settling for second best.

Possibly some would consider this selfish, I say those people are NOT happy and wish they could let go of these invisible binds they have created in their OWN mind to be HAPPY finally. When you realize that you have a choice in the matter to let life carry on under the premise of "doing what I thought was right" or "knowing what I want for happiness" things seem to unravel as if by magic.

I've set the pathway for ultimate happiness in my life. I have one guideline and that is my heart. If I can't sleep at night with decisions I have made or plan to make then I change it. The doorway is wide open and I have no idea where this journey will take me but I know that I have burdened myself with the duty of seeking happiness every single day.

I've recently just opened the eyes of one I care for deeply and it's incredible to see the strain unwind. As if thousands of tiny men with long ropes hooked into this person's back were holding him back and now, as they realize the freedom in happiness these ropes are snapping making the journey lighter and lighter.

Afterall we only have one life, one opportunity to make it right, don't we owe it to ourselves to make it a damn fine ride? What's the point of continuing if we choose to live in sadness? What kind of journey is that?

Basically it goes like this;

Never settle. Seek Happiness Always.


Erin said...

I like this... great message! Thanks for the reminder!

Maggie May said...

Yes, great reminder. I love your description of your friend's ropes being snapped...

Kern said...

Thanks for your comments. All too often we forget in the drizzle of the everyday. What are we living for?

Vern said...

I'm trying to smile..see my grin?