Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finish the Sentence

I'm not good at tagging and blahblahblah-ing on Facebook so generally I transfer it all to here so forgive me!

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss // was slobbery. In a good way.

2. I am listening to // the wurr of the heat and the drip of the fishtank.

3. I talk // a lot. Seriously.

4. I love funny // people, like The Lover, he's always cracking me up!

5. My best friend/s // is due for a visit!

6. My first REAL kiss // made my toes tingle.

7. Love is // a many splendid thing!

8. Marriage is // scary and exciting. A true test to love.

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking // about Dr. Seuss.

10. I'll always // be adventurous and hungry for more.

11. The last time I really cried was // over the summer I'd say.

12. My cell phone // needs an upgrade! Yep, I want to own a Crackberry!

13. When I wake up in the morning // it's usually no longer morning. Whoops!

14. Before I go to bed // I put Caesar to his kennel and rub on The Lover's back.

15. Right now I am thinking // about those adorable curtains and how I want to decorate the rest of this place!

16. Babies are // stinky, slobbery, noisy, and a lot of work.

17. I get on Facebook // to connect with old friends.

18. Today I miss // family.

19. Tomorrow // is a new day!

20. I really want to be // my mom's cat in a new life. Spoiiiiiiiled!

21. My ex // is a loser.

22. Maybe I should // care less what people think.

23. I love // warm showers.

24. People often feel // comfortable around me. I think.

25. I don't understand // why life has to be such a struggle sometimes, or what it all means.

26. I lost // my dignity in a dark alley.

27. Life is full of // surprises!

28. My past // is just as rollercoaster-like as the present and most likely the future!

29. I get annoyed when // when people hover over me at the store. Look, there's a lot of aisle here for the both of us, wait your turn!

30. Parties are // a thing of the past. Maybe.

31. I wish // The Lover would hear some good news like now.

32. Dogs //rule the world. My dog is currently on his back tearing up McCain.

33. Cats // poop inside boxes that humans have to clean up.

34. Someone that will most likely re-post this is // yo momma.

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