Monday, March 2, 2009

Learning the Ropes

So we've been in this splendid place for more than a week now and it feels like the beginning of an exciting relationship. A chance to discover the ins and outs of this place's everything! I'm slowly getting confident in trekking through the place in the dark without running into things. I know there's a weak spot in the wood near the front door that creaks way too loud when you step on it. And we have also learned, the hard way, that whenever you cook something the smoke alarm will go off at least once.

At first I thought it was just me because my cooking skills are rather lacking to say the least. You know it's bad when everyone you know says they'd rather cook. Or that they have to remind you that the smoke alarm is not a timer. So, I've managed to set the alarm off two times since being here. Which is good, or bad. Good because I'm actually cooking, getting that practice in and bad because the alarm is loud and hardwired to the one upstairs so when one goes off the other does too. Bad because our landlord lives across the way though he hasn't stopped by to see what we are setting on fire, yet.

But today, today The Lover set it off when he turned the oven on for the very first time ever! Now we know it's not just me(thank goodness)!

Other than hurting our ears everytime we try to cook something this place is dreamy. Just delightful.

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