Friday, March 13, 2009

I Hate The Cold

My body and I are in agreement, the cold is for the birds. I hate the freezing temperatures add some wind and you've got Kern cuddled under the blankets for the entire day. No long walks with the dog, no meeting and greeting neighbors, no more walking to the Post Office. Screw that.

My feet are cold even though I've got thick socks on, I have layers upon layers of clothes on to trap any heat in, I've even go so far as to turn the heat back on. What a cruel trick for Mother Nature to play on us, to bribe us outside with sunshine and warmth only to take it away in a day's time. How unfair!

So to ward off the chill in my bones I'll list my favorite things about summertime bliss;

-Flowers, fresh, colorful, vibrant flowers. The paints of Mother Nature on the canvas of Mother Earth.

-Tank tops, shorts, less clothes, even bathing suits! More skin means happy men and darker tans.

-Swimming. In a pool, in an ocean, but not a lake (The Lover being an ex-cop has too many dead body in lake stories, nothankyou). Swimming like a fish so totally weightless and free.

-Picnics or cookouts. When we went to the park on a 4 mile hike we passed several families gathered around grills hot and smoking carrying delicious smells our way. Steaks, corn on the cob, Mom's potato and pasta salads. Cheeseburgers topped with the freshest ingredients, salt potatos, my stepdad's infamous State Fair Chicken. Oh, the flavors of the summer.

-Community, getting out to see your neighbor after a long hibernation. Going out with friends to lounge on the porches of restaurants (ones that serve alcohol, yes please!). Bringing your dog along to enjoy the company.

-The Beach, oh I could spend a whole post on the beloved beach. The sand, the smell, the atmosphere. Everything about the beach is perfect indeed.

-Bikes! Preferably, this bike!

-Flip flops. I own more flip flops than any other shoe I have collected over the years. One can not own too many flip flops! Squishy, comfy, breezy flip flops!

-Picture Opportunities seem to grow exponentially during the summer. It's hard for me to find beauty in the ugly dead scenes of winter (which is a challenge I'll take but still) but add in some sun, a little green, and subjects to shoot come out of the woodwork.

-Tropical drinks! Nothing says summer like a nice cold strawberry daiquiri seated right next to your lawn chair as you soak in the rays. Who drinks the colorful fruity blends of flavor and alcohol in the winter? No one, that's who!

-Open windows that let fresh air swim through the rooms mixing up the dust and stink of Old Evil Cold. Even rainfall seems more beautiful during warmer days.

Well, that list alone has warmed my soul up a couple degrees. Hopefully it will linger a few more days as the temperatures get warmer!

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Vern said...

I HATE the cold as well. Even this cold wet rain we're getting in RDU SUCKS. I hate hate hate it! Gimme heat, baby!