Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We may live in a "posh" place but we certainly don't spend like we do. (The whole, not having a job thing...) So to decorate this large space we've had to come up with some creative ideas and here is just one.

We brought a wardrobe The Lover had used as a partition in our old basement. It had taken some wear and tear over the years so one side is not so good for presentation. The Lover closed it into a triangle with the yucky part against the wall, mentioning he'd love some sort of light fixture to go in the center to make it a stand alone lamp! I grabbed some icicle lights, fiddled around for a few minutes, then voila! A made with love contemporary light that "looks like we captured fireflies" per The Lover. So easy! So cheap! So pretty!


The Panic Room said...

i like. we have those same wardrobes.

Vern said...

I like it, kid! Awesomeness!

Muppet Soul said...

That is awesome.

I so wish I was creative like that. I have my moments.

I was thinking of decopaging ( yeah, no way am I going to spell that correctly) this old trunk we keep bedroom-stuff in.

Dunno if that'll work.