Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Future Is Now

Let me just say that the future is in the here and now. Artists will have to come up with new ideas for what they think the NEW future will look like because the current one is taken and being called the present.

Let me get this rant out of the way before we continue on with the future/present morphing situation. In this new place we are living there are fifteen, count em, FIFTEEN WalMarts in a 15 mile radius. There is only ONE Target in that same area. What's the dealio?

Ok, moving on. I don't like WalMart at all so I wanted a Target. We did a bit of exploring today and slowly made our way to the Red Bulls Eye store ever excited at it's untold glory. Little did we know we'd be taking a step into future on this day March 4th, 2009. Pulling up we noticed some strange elements just chilling on the sidewalk. They were big red.....balls. That's right, it was like the center of the bulls eye fell out and landed right in front of the store. We couldn't figure out a purpose except for design.

Then walking in we noticed how robotically set up the store was. Everything in its place, not a piece of cloth out of line, an earring hanging out in the umbrella section, or scattered dollar item goods. It was impeccable!

Our next major discovery were the baskets, they no longer had the gross boxy corners but instead were a pleasurable round shape. Doesn't the future call for roundness?

Then I went to the Starbucks located in store and there stood some higher ups, just staring, throughout my entire transaction. The guy with a clipboard in hand and his monotone sidekick. They had perfect posture, almost too perfect if you ask me, and stood still with arms straight the ENTIRE time. I don't think they even blinked!

Regardless of all the spooky evidence leading me to believe the end is near I will go back to that Target before I step foot in another WalMart.


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