Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week One

We've made it through week one. This week we explored our niche finding a few places we plan to get acquainted with. It looks like we will get to walk more than we drive a car which completely excites me. While the boyfriend works I can gather my items and head to the coffee shop right on the corner and settle in one of there plush chairs, plug in to their wifi, and enjoy the scenery.

The unique shops downtown will keep me continuously interested while the area grows. They are even getting a small grocery store a few blocks away! Soon the farmer's market will be in town and with it fresh vegetables, gorgeous flowers, and unique doodads to add to our collection.

The nightlife is not lacking and seems just our size. We are over the crowded dance clubs that lead to lots of groping, money spent, and guaranteed headaches. In its place we have found at least one chill bar with amazing food and great discounts for the local that pays attention.

Since we can't get our mail delivered directly we purchased a PO Box which is two blocks away, how convenient!

Everyone has been incredibly nice. I've noticed that the downtown attitude is a lot different from anyplace outside the city limits. It's almost a feeling of camaraderie. Couple that with a fantastic place to call home and life is pretty freaking great.

Here's to a Monday full of fantastic news.

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