Monday, March 30, 2009

Yay Pictures!

What a day for pictures!

We went to the park. I wanted to see if things had changed in the last four days, I know last time I went there was some mad duck sex going on so I was hoping to see some success(since ducks don't you-know for pleasure)!

There is one pair of freaky, AGGRESSIVE birds that just showed up one day. I shall call them Beastling 1 and Beastling 2. I think they laid some eggs a few days ago but they all landed in the water however this did not stop them from being huge assholes to anything that got near them. My mom said they are geese, The Lover says they are ducks and he was attacked by them when he was a tot(haha) I have no freaking clue.

One of the ugly beasts;

While we were hanging out chilling they started fighting with each other, hissing, biting, spraying water everywhere. I guess after running out of energy they were still pissed off because they began chasing the ducks and then us. We quickly moved to avoid Beastly bites.

I think this is one of theirs;

It was nice to see some of the regulars were still hanging about. I've grown quite fond of Broken, though his disability doesn't seem to stop him we always manage to throw some food his way.

He's on the left looking like he's waving a fart away or something;

While it was fun to feed them we were really on the hunt for something more, eggs! They weren't hard to spot as most of the duck mafia were chilling in this particular spot.

They were smart by putting them BEHIND the netting that protects the tree though some did roll off into the water anyways. I guess they are really set on nesting in the mulch around the trees closest to the water.

The proud parents with one of their own in the water;

They let us get really close to the eggs which surprised me. I'm hoping they are that relaxed when/if the babies hatch because I cannot wait to photograph them!

That was the only nest we found which is sad because there are so many mating pairs in the water right now it makes me wonder if people are cracking anything they come across.

Next we spent time with Caesar throwing the ball. He really has a blast breaking out on that field. He even started MARKING today. The only time he's ever done that was at the vet's office right before his balls were cut off. I guess he's feeling like this is home and wants the world to know. As long as it stays outside I don't really care.

Last night I put Caesar in a bucket. I'm a horrible mother(hehehehe).

The sun was setting so we decided to walk downtown before heading back. It's such a pretty time for downtown with the trees in full bloom. It almost looks like a white out, I love it. The trees are already starting to turn green, spring is in a hurry to get out of here...

So all in all a nice evening. I am very glad we got to get out because apparently it is supposed to rain AGAIN tomorrow. UGH.

I've decided I need some sort of signature because it always feels weird just ending a post. So let's go with....

With her toes in the sand...


Anonymous said...

Lol. I'm looking forward to the duck-sex pics.



Shannon Patterson said...

that third picture of Caesar is incredible! I also love the sunset pics, but I'm a sucker for sunsets!