Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Goes Around...

The Lover and I have both worked with animals in our past so it just makes sense that we happen to own....several. Right now we only have one mammal, Caesar, but we have several fish. One 65 gallon tank, one 29 gallon tank, and a little fish bowl for the Beta, to be exact.

There seemed to be some issues when the tanks were first set up at the new place. We would both feed causing a lot of debris which in turn causes the tanks to get dirty a lot faster. The Lover never worked with fish and thought I was underfeeding them. So after a few talks we agreed to leaving the feeding to me.

One day I look over at my 29 gallon tank to see The Lover sprinkling some food into the water. Having just fed them earlier I mentioned that the feeding was MY duty and that he needed to promptly put the food down before I kicked him in the shins. I re-explained that "fish are scavengers, they will eat whenever you feed them because they don't know when their next meal is going to be. They do NOT need to be fed that often..." His response was "They swam to the top like they were hungry!!"

A little miffed he put the food away and hasn't touched it since.

Then this evening we were hanging out in the living room with the furry one lying at our feet. I was feeling hungry so went into the kitchen to whip up some food. I noticed little Caesar followed me though he was previously perfectly comfortable in the recliner. As I was sitting at the bar munching on a delicious egg sandwich The Lover decided he wanted a snack and began whipping up some popcorn. Again, the pooch was sitting just outside the invisible line in the kitchen (he's not allowed to hover while we cook).

"I wonder why Caesar hangs out by the kitchen when we cook especially since he doesn't get to eat our food." I said

Without hesitation The Lover replies with "He's a scavenger, he never knows when his next meal is coming..." and throws a piece of popcorn at the pooch.


Vern said...

In a way, aren't we all scavengers, not realizing when our next meal is coming? Hence the obesity epidemic? lol

Kern said...

haha, I think you have a point here. However, if he directed that comment towards me instead of the dog ...SMACK...