Friday, March 6, 2009

I Don't Belong In The Kitchen

At all! We bought a lot of groceries yesterday that we bagged ourselves. I put the dry food in the pantry while The Lover stocked the fridge. Me being the fantastic culinary retard that I am put a pre-made Manwich jug in the pantry. When he asked for it this evening without hesitation I say "Second shelf by the cereal" and it doesn't hit me until he replies with "Uh, it had meat in it which means it should be in the fridge." almost in his "You're-special-let-me-slowly-talk-so-you-can-keep-up voice.

Whoops. Game over.

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Muppet Soul said...

The last 3 nights in a row my husband has for one reason or another, removed a stick of butter from the fridge, put it on a tray table, and then went to sleep.

Usually he's the smart one.