Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What A Freaking Day!

Jeez Louise eatin cheese in the summer breeze!!

When it rains it pours. Luckily, we are pretty used to it and therefore prepared by bringing our umbrellas with us everywhere we go. After a hectic morning into afternoon I needed to get out to explore this small, divine world of mine.

I took the pooch with me because he rocks and is a convenient conversation starter. We made our way to a little cafe I've been dying to try out. They loved Caesar and I loved their Caesar salad in return. After that we needed to stretch our legs so we headed down the main thoroughfare towards some flashing lights and signs for road blockage. We were doing pretty good until the four legged one shat, right on the sidewalk, in front of everyone. Thanks Dog, 'preciate it!

Anyway, we walked down the closed road because I guess we like danger. No actually I was trying to avoid danger, the traffic was crazy trying to see what was going on and turn off at the same time so we kept going and crossed on the barren street. I saw some firemen so figured it was just a gas leak, the air did smell kind of funky. Maybe that's why he pooped.

We made our way to the park right behind the house. I sat on the grass, released his leash (shh, don't tell anyone) and tossed a ball for the chap. He started panting but I think it was a smile-NO- a grin, from big ol happy ear to happy ear. He sprawled out on the cool grass as just the two of us enjoyed the duck pond and soaked in the growth from the trees.

It completely renewed our spirits and made me fall a little more in love with this place. It's a good place for me, and for the pooch, all errr shitting aside. The Lover likes it too I think though he's had a rough start. Just today I met the owner of the cafe, the local banker, some bartenders down the street, a nice family with ecstatic children hoping to pet my furball, the owner of the store beneath us, and our landlord even brought some treats over. All in all this town is pulling out all the stops to impress us and it's doing a damn good job.

Oh and that "gas leak" was apparently a big matter. Some auger chipped right into the gas line causing it to leak like crazy. The news said "huge fiery explosion a real threat!" which I happened to miss until AFTER I got home safely. What's more weird is I kept having dreams of explosions last night, greeeeeeeat. Not this time Bob-oh!


Maggie May said...

i get crazy embarrassed when my dogs poop, even if it's on my own front lawn, so i can't imagine how red i would have been!

Kern said...

haha aw, whenever my dog poops, which is now on leash due to that stupid law, I always give the polite look away even though he's a dog and most likely doesn't care about that sort of thing.