Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Overdraft Fees

I hate em, you hate em, we all hate em. In fact, I'm pretty sure Mr. Obama the President hates them too though I doubt he sees them, or ever will, with his impressive 400k/year salary. At least let's hope the leader of Fiscal Responsibility doesn't fall prey to overdraft fees.

One time I had to fight the entire food chain of Wachovia to get back $270 dollars, (TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY DOLLARS!!!!) of overdraft fees because they decided out of the blue to hold off on SHOWING a deposit to my account though it had been done days before. Eventually I got the money back and promptly closed my account. Honestly, I'm amazed this bank fell under with all the fees they've managed to acrue. Wachovia is also the type of bank to kindly draft largest check to smallest so they can hit you as hard as possible. EVIL!

Well now it seems our voice gets its chance to be heard! Hooray! Docket No. R-1343 gives us the chance to make overdraft fees an option, you know for those who hate seeing DECLINED and would rather pay $45 for some nuggets instead of going without. You have until March 30th to email regs.comments@federalreserve.gov with your desire just be sure to label the Subject line with the Docket number. For an online form and more information go here and remind the banks it's US they need to start tending to.

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