Sunday, March 8, 2009

People Are Crazy

The one bad thing about living downtown is that it completely shuts down on Sundays which is too bad because we love a mean brunch. Anyway we decided to get into our car and actually venture out into the world searching for food. After eating we went to this nearly dilapidated mall to check out the arcade.

We had fun, arcades seem to be our thing to do. We go a lot, well more than I ever have before I met The Lover. Anyway, he kicked my ass at air hockey (twice) and basketball and we gave our tickets to some kids. Well, I did, The Lover didn't want to look like a pedophilia freak (I can't blame him in today's world, even when someone is trying to do something nice they're suspect).

After that excitement we went to this little knick knack store right beside the arcade. We found all sorts of weird stuff, angel fairy wind chimes, sport teams welcome mats, rather large African safari stuffed creatures. (Side story; The Lover has been wanting a tall giraffe to put in front of a banister in this new place, so far I've been winning the battle, I almost lost today when he found a 4 foot one at this store, are you kidding me?) We found a neat muppet stage arena complete with muppets. We both tried them on and giggled away as we created new characters, you wouldn't believe our real age if you saw us.

Anyhow, on our way out I noticed these dolls sitting on a rack. I picked up a black one and held it as if it were mine, turned to The Lover and said "Honey, I have some splainin' to do". We laughed, we cried, we put it back before we got into trouble. There were thousands of these freaky doll like things. As I turned I noticed a lady with a stroller talking to the poor cashier about these dolls, how adorable they were, the precious expressions forever implanted on their faces, on and on she went. I just happened to glance into her stroller and you wouldn't believe there was one of those freaky fake babies laying in it all snuggled up. I actually did a double take and waited for The Lover to take notice.

I had to leave, there were just too many scenarios going through my mind that could possibly cause a full grown woman to go to such lengths for a doll and be so openly verbal about it. Holy brain problems.


Maggie May said...

yes, holy brain problems batman.

that is exactly the way mr curry and i joke with each other. :)

Kern said...

haha it may not be totally appropriate but it works for us.