Monday, March 30, 2009

Orchids and Suicidal Fish

The sun is out again, hooray! That means I got out of the house! The Lover starts work tomorrow so he wanted to get his herb garden all settled in before things got complicated. We hit up Kmart (talk about cheap) and got some onion chives, tomato plants, romaine lettuce, and iceberg lettuce. Right now he is happily planting those along with the leftover cucumber plants on the deck. It was nice to see him so excited over it and I'm happy he has a green thumb because I do not. It will definitely be nice to use those herbs when cooking!

Next we hit up Kroger for some groceries to tide us over until his next paycheck, mainly milk because I usually have a panic attack when my stash gets low, seriously. Anyway the flower "section" is right at the front door and as we walked in The Lover says "Whoa!", stops in his tracks, and makes a beeline to the flowers. They had JUST got a shipment of orchids in and they were GORGEOUS. So pretty we bought TWO. However, the asshole baggers who I told not to bag the milk and did anyways shoved the orchids into the bags breaking off a bloom. What the heck? We also bought a daisy looking plant because I wanted to photograph it, is that sad?

Because I put it in the title, The Lover found one of our Neons all dried up on the floor this morning. This little fishy most likely jumped out of the tank and flopped about a foot before ending his journey. I didn't know Neons could jump out of freaking tanks! Maybe we should get some lids eh?

As soon as The Lover is done planting we are hitting the park to stretch our legs. Poor Caesar has been cooped inside these past FOUR days because of the yucky cold rain. I have to admit, I am pretty excited to see what I've missed in the duck creek thing waterway world. Maybe I should bring my camera in case there are little babies waddling around!

'Til next time!


Vern said...

When I plant something, anything, herbs, veggies, or flowers, I feel like I've done something. You tend it, you watch it grow, you may even eat it. I love working in the soil, and I love that your lover feels the same.

Maggie May said...

I've been buying flowers like mad, I need them around!