Saturday, March 14, 2009


The Lover; "It's a good investment!"

On trying to convince me to play Bingo.

haha <3


Muppet Soul said...


Man alive, I haven't played Bingo in forever... That kinda sounds like fun.

(Then again, isn't Bingo an investment the same way lotto tickets are investments? lol)

The Panic Room said...

did you play? how fun. Like at the Elks Lodge?

Kern said...

haha yeah, it's about as good an investment as pissing your money into the wind.

Kern said...

Whoa, freaky! haha Yeah we played at some VFW place across the street from our loft. It was fun but we didn't win a damn thing though I'm pretty sure one of my lungs has been snagged away from the amount of smoke and lack of ventilation.